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PALCO – The Histrory


1917. A young lawyer from Patras, Andreas Paleologos, sets up one of Greece's first undershirt manufacturing plants in Athens. Soon his company will grow, stand out among its competitors, and become his life's work, under the name of PALCO. Within a very short time PALCO products become emblematic of unsurpassable quality and take the top spot in the underwear market.


1967. Half a century after its establishment PALCO has developed the dynamic that allows it to launch its collaboration with Swiss group Schiesser, a leader in underwear manufacturing in Europe. Production rises to an annual estimate of 6,000,000 items.


1985. A new era begins. PALCO is officially made a member of Swiss multinational group Schiesser. The group owns factories across the world, from Europe to Chile, Hong Kong, and India, and maintains an extensive sales network in Europe, the USA, and Canada. Through strategic planning and development the Greek plant is modernized, a marketing department is established, and new marketing and production methods are adopted. As a result, sales soar.


1995. PALCO occupies the top slot in the market for men's briefs and women's tees, and will remain there for many years to come.


1998. The company invests more than 5,000,000 euros in the construction of a new weaving plant in Komotini, Greece, that is equipped with cutting edge technology. The project includes the relocation of both the company's headquarters and distribution center to a new site in 2005.


2012. The year marks yet another turning point in the history of PALCO. Horizon Capital Management acquires the majority of its shares, a move that effectively launches a new period of dynamic growth.


Today. PALCO manufactures and markets men's, women's, and children's underwear and men's pyjamas.

The brand is so popular that there is probably at least one PALCO item in your drawers, whether an undershirt, or boxer short, pair of briefs, bodysuit, or t-shirt. You might even be wearing one right now!
PALCO is everywhere! Its sales network comprises more than 700 retail spots, while the brand is carried by all the major department stores in Greece and Cyprus, not to mention select stores in South Africa!

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